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Carolyn Aberhart Kohunga Room  
Clair Bedward Teacher in Charge of Business & Accounting, E-Dean, Teacher in Charge Correspondence  
Claire Bubb Head of Department Drama  
Bryan Bell Science  
Jess Bennett Careers Adviser, Social Sciences  850
Ellie Boekholt Health, PE  
Anne Bowis Technology - Materials  
Mieke Brook Mathematics  
Abbey Bruce Head of Senior School (Years 11-12), Agriculture 890
Liz Cabout 2IC Mathematics  
Sarah Cadman Head of Tourism, Teacher in Charge Junior Social Studies, Kamar Administrator  
Liz Carrick Assistant Head of Senior School Years 11-13), Foundation Studies  869
Alex Carter English  
Alice Clark 3IC English  
Bronnie Clark Food & Nutrition, Hospitality  
Michael Clark Head of Faculty English  819
Simon Coleman Principal  828
Rachael Cox Arts  
Angela Cresswell Music  
Dana Dawson Dance  
Amy Dean Acting 2IC English  
Chan Deng Science  
Jackie Driver Head of Department Agriculture  
Daniel Edwards 2IC Mathematics  
Ahmed Elattar Mathematics  
Lisa Elliott Physical Education  
Denise Farr Manager CEP 307 1397
Stephen Garton Music, Auditorium Manager  
Stephanie Glover Head of Faculty Social Sciences 811
Shara Halford Science  
Ellie Hammond Science  
Greta Hampton Head of Junior School, Social Science 808
Cheryl Hardy Teacher in Charge Te Whare Manaaki (SLSU) 856
Leigh Heaney-Lee Social Science,   
Sean Hewett English  
Jacqueline Hood Head of Faculty Arts  
Hiromi Horsley Languages - Japanese  
Michelle Hosking Counsellor, International Director  833
Adrian Hubbard Health/PE  
Jemma Hurst

Head of Geography, NCEA Administrator, Timetable, Kamar Administrator

Hannibal Ikahihifo Deputy Principal  825
Rob Isaacs Head of Department of Digital Technology  
Amanda Jones Gateway Co-Ordinator/Trades 858
Brian Jones Head of Faculty Technology 839
Marg Jones Head of Faculty Science 848
Joshua Johnson Mathematics  
Tina Johnson Te Whare Manaaki (SLSU)  
Juliet Johnstone Learning Support Co-Ordinator, Specialist Classroom Teacher, Science 836
Suman Kaushal Science  
Melanie King Learning Support Co-Ordinator  
Genevieve Kirwan Physical Education  
Tom Kitchen Head of Department Languages  
Shivangalee Lata Science  
Peter Lee Science, Chemistry, Head of Orange House  
Nicky Lewis Arts  
James List Y9 Junior Dean, Agriculture  814
Renae List English  
Wilma Madelo Social Sciences  
Marie Maeva Cultural Diversity Facilitator  
Luke Martin

Assistant Head of PE & Health,  Outdoor Education

Y13 Senior Dean



Vaughan Matheson Head of Faculty PE & Health 844
Kendra Maw English  
Toni McKee Reading Teacher  
Oliver McKeown PE  
Angela Mitchell Deputy Principal, Culture Review & Growth Coaching  
Kirsty Moffett Social Science  
Stacey Monk Mathematics, CoL across School-Numeracy Co-Ordinator  
Clare Naden English  
Patrick Neal Teacher in Charge of Automotive/Technology Hard Materials  
Jennifer Padre English  
Brittney Pairama Health, PE  
Cheyenne Parris English  
Tiipene Philip Head of Maori, CoL within School  
Vicky Poole English  
Zainab Poonawala Science  
Sarah Rawlings Social Sciences  
Anna Rimmer Y10 Junior Dean, Mathematics 814
Jason Robinson Head of Department Law & Society  
Serrana Rugnitz Teacher in Charge ESOL 829
Bethany Salisbury English  
Brenda Sangil English  
Ali Sayed Digital Technology  
Heena Shah Science  
Jessica Sharpe
Y11Senior Dean, Science  843
Andrew Shepherd Health, Science, Counsellor  
Helen Shore-Taylor Deputy Prinicipal, Acting Head of Department Food & Nutrition  830
Josh Sim Y9 Junior Dean, Social Sciences  814
Melanie Simons Social Sciences  
Kent Slocombe  Food & Nutrition  
Guy Smith Y10 Junior Dean, Digital Technology  814
Sara-Jane Smith Health, PE  
Helen Stamps Teacher Junior Subjects  
Courtenay Soper Acting 3IC English  
Sean Stephen Head of Department  Technology – Hard Materials 834
Sonia-Leigh Stephens-Tahuri Te Reo Maori  
Jade Taylor Health, PE  
Daniel Tew Automotive  
Tania Trusler-Clark Engagement Advisor  
Jason Vannini Y12 Senior Dean, Mathematics  843
Sijo Varghese Mathematics  
Joanne Wakelin Reading Mentor, English  
Claire Walker Teacher  
Kathleen Watkins  Art  
Kate White
Debbie Van Rooyen  Agriculture  


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