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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

At Ashburton College we embrace our responsibility to provide an environment which supports Individual Excellence built on the three pillars of Exceptional Learning, Exemplary Citizenship and Exciting Opportunities.

Our programmes, decisions and actions are based on ‘what will provide the best opportunities and achieve the best outcomes for our students’.

We know how important it is for young people to be supported in order to succeed. Each student is a member of a Family Form Class, which they stay with throughout Years 9–12. Family Form Teachers hold a duty of care and responsibility for their Family Form Class members. At Year 13 level the students transfer into House groups.

Recognising the different needs of each age group within the College a ‘three school’ pastoral care system works across Junior, Middle and Senior Schools (as shown in the diagram below).

Within each ‘school’, alongside of Family Form Teachers, Deans and a Head of School provide student support, as does our Senior Leadership Team.

In addition to academic learning and opportunities for learning outside the classroom, an additional range of programmes operate for the benefit of our students. These are referred to more fully under Learning.

Specialist support is available from our College Counsellors, Transition Staff (tertiary and career information) and Community Agencies.

Ashburton College appreciates its close links with the Business Community of Mid Canterbury and the support and opportunities this provides for students at the College.

A vital component in success for a student is co-operation between family, whanau and the College. We value working with families to ensure individual student success.



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