BOT Members and Meeting Dates

Ashburton College Board of Trustees Members as at 19 June 2018

Jeremy Savage - Chairperson Elected Parent Representative
Nina Bradford Elected Parent Representative
Gretchen Hart Elected Parent Representative
Ronnie Campbell
Elected Parent Representative
Craig Hickman
Elected Parent Representative
Annie Lees Elected Staff Representative
Maggie Tarry Elected Student Representative
Te Hurinui Clarke Co-opted Parent Representative
Rennie Davidson Co-opted Parent Representative
Ross Preece  Principal

For the Board of Trustees, in the first instance, please contact Sheena Tyrrell, Management Administrator for the Board of Trustees.

Phone: (03) 308 4193, ext 812.


Ashburton College has a six elected member Board and operates under the Mid-Term Election process, whereby members are elected for a three year term but on an eighteen month rotational basis. Members may stand for re-election.

Occasionally a standing member has to retire during their term. This brings about a Casual Vacancy.

Over the years, after advertising to the community, this has been filled by Selection.

Boards have the right to co-opt member/s for specific purposes. Co-opted members must not exceed the number of Elected Members.

Schedule of Board Meeting Dates – 2018


VENUE: Turret Room, Menorlue (unless otherwise stated).
Members of the public are welcome to attend the Open Section of Meetings.
Heads of Faculty Reporting and Planning are usually regarded as In-Committee Meetings.
Meeting dates are as listed.
Please note occasionally there can be changes to these dates.

Term 1: (11 weeks): 29 January – 13 April

  • Tuesday 27 February (Wk 5)
  • Tuesday 27 March (Wk 9) – Heads of Faculty Report to Board - 6:30pm start. Food provided.
  • Tuesday 10 April (Wk 11)

Term 2: (10 weeks): 30 April – 06 July

  • Tuesday 15 May (Wk 3)
  • Tuesday 19 June (Wk 8) – changed to Tuesday 26 June

Term 3: (10 weeks): 23 July – 28 September

  • Tuesday 07 August (Wk 3)
  • Saturday 25 August - BOT Planning for 2019 - 9:00am–1:00pm, College Staffroom.
  • Tuesday 11 September (Wk 8)
  • Tuesday 18 September (Wk 9) – Heads of Faculty Report to Board - 6:30pm start. Food provided. - College Staffroom.

 Term 4: (10 weeks): 15 October – 12 December

  • Tuesday 30 October (Wk 3)
  • Tuesday 27 November (Wk 7)


Ashburton College, 27 Walnut Avenue, Ashburton, 7700, New Zealand

P.O. Box 204, Ashburton, 7740

Telephone: +64 3 308-4193 | Facsimile: +64 3 308-2104


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