Accommodation and Homestays


Ashburton College has a Homestay Co-ordinator who is responsible for finding suitable accommodation for International Students.

When studying at Ashburton College International Students must live in accommodation which meets the requirements of the College. In cases where a student has found his or her own accommodation, this must be approved by the Homestay Co-ordinator.

Homestay families will care for the safety and general well-being of the student which includes providing food and meals, a furnished room and a place within the family. Students are expected to make every effort to fit in with the Host Family and benefit from being treated as a member of the family.

As a signatory to the Code of Practice, the College requires that all Host Families be police checked for their suitability.

Each family sets its own rules, however there are some points that the College considers should be respected by all.

  • No smoking or consumption of alcohol in the home without the consent of the host parents.
  • The host family should always know where their student is. If they are going out, students should let their family know where they are going.
  • Suitable arrangements should be made for the use of the telephone – particularly with regard to international calls.
  • If a student wishes to go away for a weekend or holiday, permission must be given by the College (normally through the Homestay Co-ordinator) and the Homestay Parents.  In some cases the College may seek permission from the student’s own parents.

Any behaviour that is unsatisfactory can lead to the termination of the Homestay Agreement. This would be reported to New Zealand Immigration and could result in the withdrawal of the student visa and the return of the student to her or his country of origin.

Where Homestay payments exceed the number of weeks stayed, the student can seek either a credit for the following year or a refund.