1. 23 May 2017, Parent/Caregiver – Teacher – Student Interviews

    The second set of these interviews takes place Tuesday, on 23 May, at the Hotel Ashburton: • Year 9 and 10 interviews Tuesday 23 May, 2:00pm – 9:00pm For this set of interviews the College will close at 1:20pm, with interviews starting at 2:00pm, at the Hotel Ashburton, entering off Racecourse Road.  Each interview will be scheduled […]

  2. Fortnightly Reporting

    Ashburton College is using the Ashcoll values of ‘Achieve Quality’ and ‘Have Respect’ to report on students’ learning and behaviour in each subject. The criteria that these grades have been based on can be found in the Ashcoll Values Criteria (Please click the heading and then the ‘Ashcoll Values Criteria’ link)

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