Year 12

Below are the Year 12 Course Descriptions for students.

Students are encouraged to visit the Careers NZ website: . There are a number of useful tools on this website to help students think about the subjects they will need for their chosen pathway, or to consider which pathway they are interested in. For students who are unsure of their pathway as yet, it is important to select a range of options they are interested in and enjoy.

It is important to be aware of pre-entry requirements listed in the Course Booklet, especially for those students going into Year 12 and 13 in 2018 as the pre-entry requirements can be dependent on 2017 NCEA results.

If students need help and advice regarding selecting their courses, the following staff are available for guidance –

Year 12 & 13 Deans Kendra Maw ext 869
Ron Carlson ext 860
Head of School Claire Bubb ext 890


We also have Teri Nichol our Careers Co-ordinator at College Monday to Thursday.  Students can book a time to see her at the Transition office.

Debbie Van Rooyen  is also available to discuss the Gateway programme through the Transition office.

Students who will be studying NCEA Levels 1, 2 or 3 next year are asked to return the Year 12 Course Selection Form to their Family Form Teacher by Thursday 31st August 2017.

Click on the below subjects for further details:


12ACC – Accounting

12AGR – Agriculture Science

12AHM – AgHort Academy

12APA – Art Painting

12ARP – Art Projects

12APH – Art Photography

12ARH – Art History

12AUT – Introduction to Automotive Skills

12BIO – Biology

12BUS – Business Studies

12CDV – Child Development

12CHE – Chemistry

2CLS – Classical Studies

12DES – Design and Visual Communication

2DIP – Digital Information Practical

12DIT – Digital Information Technology

12DRA – Drama

12ECO – Economics

12ELE – Electronics

12ENF – English Foundation

12ENG – English Extension

12ENM – English Mid Band

12ENV – English Vocational

12ELS – English Language Studies

12ESL – ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

12FNT – Food and Nutrition

12FST – Foundation Studies

12GEO – Geography

12GER – German

12GTY – Gateway

12HBR – Introduction to Hair, Beauty and Retail

12HIS – History

12HSP – Hospitality

12JPN – Japanese

12LAW – Law

12MAO – Te Reo Māori

12TIK – Tikanga Māori

12MAA – Mathematics Advanced

12MAG – General Mathematics

12MAP – Mathematics Applied

12MTF – Materials Technology Fabrics

12MTM – Hard Materials Metal

12MTW – Hard Materials Wood

12MTA – Hard Materials Applied

12MUP – Music Performance

12MUS – Music

12ONL – Online Learning

12OUE – Outdoor

12PED – Physical Education

12PEP – Physical Education Practical

12PER – Performing Arts Technology

12PHY – Physics

12SCI – Science

12TOU – Tourism

12TRX – Trades Experience

12WLS – Work and Life Skills