Staff Contacts




Principal – Tumuaki
Ross Preece



Deputy Principal
Andrea Pearce

Sh (Medium)  


Deputy Principal
Helen Shore-Taylor

Cr (Medium)  


Deputy Principal 
Ron Cresswell



Head of Senior School
Claire Bubb



Head of Middle School
Ryan Wilson



Head of Junior School
Carolyn Clough



Year 13 Dean
Ron Carlson



Year 12 Dean
Kendra Maw



Year 11 Dean
Karen McKenzie



Year 11 Dean
Liz Carrick



Year 10 Dean
Jemma Tutty



Year 10 Dean
Sue Johnstone



Year 9 Dean
Dave Christenson



Year 9 Dean
Hannah Young



Head of English Faculty
Marg Macpherson

hc (Medium)  


Cheryl Hardy



Head of Mathematics Faculty
Elizabeth Pollock



eDean and Reading Development and Literacy Support
Anne Williams



Head of Science Faculty
Jono Hay






Head of Physical Education Faculty
Tony Robson



Head of Counselling
International Director
Michelle Hosking



Head of Social Sciences Faculty
Angela Mitchell



School Counsellor
Andrew Shepherd



Head of Arts and Languages Faculty
Claire Robertshaw






Head of Technology Faculty
Mike Pearce




Senior Leadership

Ross Preece Principal 809
Andrea Pearce Deputy Principal 828
Helen Shore-Taylor Deputy Principal 830
Ron Cresswell Deputy Principal 825



Teaching Staff

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Tevita Asi Mathematics, Science
James Aulsford Assistant HOF Science, Science, Biology
Kyle Backhouse-Smith (on leave T1 & 2) Technology, Graphics
Clair Bedward Head of Green House, Business Studies
Bryan Bell Physics, Science
Jess Bennett Social Science
Graham Bock Mathematics
Anne Bowis Technology – Fabrics
Claire Bubb Head of Senior School, Drama  890
Sarah Cadman Social Science  
Ron Carlson Year 13 Dean, Head of Sport, Physical Education  860  or  844
Liz Carrick Year 11 Dean, Digital Information Technology  814
Kate Chisnall Science, Physical Education
Dave Christensen Year 9 Dean, Physical Education  807  or  844
Michael Clark English, Staff Photographer
Carolyn Clough Head of Junior School, Science  808
Danielle Coulter English
Angela Cresswell Music
Stephen Diedricks Head of Department Music  852
Rachel Donaldson Physical Education, Maths
Anna Eade Maths, Physical Education
Liz Ferguson Head of Department Home Economics, Timetable, Relief Organiser  865
Mark Gleason Social Sciences
Katie Graham Art
Paula Green Music
Amanda Grigg Social Sciences, English
Greta Hampton Classical Studies, Specialist Classroom Teacher  820
Cheryl Hardy Teacher-in-Charge SLSU  856 or 805
Jono Hay Head of Faculty Science  848
Annalie Henson Mathematics
Hiromi Horsley Languages – Japanese
Michelle Hosking International Department Director, Counsellor  827
Rob Isaacs Technology
James Jenkinson English
Sue Johnstone Yeah 10 Dean, Physical Education  807
Nicole Kilbride English
Genevieve Kirwan Physical Education, Dean (ON MATERNITY LEAVE)
Sarah Lassen Head of Red House, Social Sciences
Annie Lees BOT Staff Representative, Social Sciences
Nicky Lewis Design Technology
Marg Macpherson Head of Faculty English  819
Kylie Maddren Drama
Claire Marshall Physical Education, Science, Agriculture, PIA (ON MATERNITY LEAVE)
Vaughan Matheson PE, Social Sciences
Kendra Maw Year 12 Dean, English  869
Karen McKenzie Year 11 Dean, Physical Education  814 or 844
Stephen Millichamp Head of Department Agriculture
Angela Mitchell Head of Faculty Social Sciences, Economics
Kirsty Moffett Money Management
Brian Molyneux Head of Department DIT Technology
Stacey Monk Head of Blue House, Mathematics
Isabel Myers Special Education Teacher, SLSU  
Clare Naden English  
Bev Neutze Home Economics  837
Mike Pearce Head of Faculty Technology  839
Michael Petrus Music
Tiipene Philip Māori
Liz Pollock Head of Faculty Mathematics  849
Vicky Poole English (ON MATERNITY LEAVE)
Colin Porter Science
Ken Pow Languages – German  824
Bridget Prendergast English
Anna Rimmer Mathematics
Lauren Roberts Agriculture
Claire Robertshaw Head of Faculty Arts and Languages, Head of Department Art  835
Shelly Robson Science
Tony Robson Head of Faculty Physical Education/Health  844
Fiona Ross Numeracy & Literacy
Alana Sayers Social Sciences
Heena Shah Science, Mathematics
Kent Slocombe English
Anna Smith English
Sakura Smithers Social Sciences
Sean Stephen Technology  834
Claire Tappin Physical Education (ON MATERNITY LEAVE)
Bernadette Thompson ESOL, English  829
Chris Thompson Technology
Jemma Tutty Year 10 Dean, Social Sciences, Kamar  807
Jason Vannini Mathematics, Economics
Joanne Wakelin International Homestay Coordinator, Reading
Claire Walker Social Sciences
Hayley Wards Head of Orange House, Mathematics
Anne Williams eDean, Library  853
Ryan Wilson Head of Middle School, Physical Education, Gateway  833
Luke Youard Science
Hannah Young Year 9 Dean, Mathematics  843


Selected Support Staff 2017

Delia Achten Library Manager  853
Jayne Cornelius Withdrawal Room Supervisor  815
Jenny Crouchley Transition, STAR, Administration Assistant  850  or 882
Denise Farr Manager Community Education Programme
Julie Hampton Office Manager  861
Mandy Harrison MCSTS (bus service)  506
Richard Horrell Caretaker  840
Deb Kell Sports Coordinator  842
Charlie Kelland Executive Officer  891
Teri Nichol Careers Coordinator  850
Warren Reid Caretaker  840
Jodee Ross Principal’s Secretary  809
Tania Rule Payroll Administrator, International Department Assistant  880
Andrew Shepherd Counsellor/Social Worker  857
Nola Smitheram NZQA  816
Sheena Tyrrell Management Administrator  812
Debbie Van Rooyen Gateway Coordinator, Agriculture Administrator  858